The Mattson 2 • San Diego, California
Zig Zags • Los Angeles, California
Mrs. Magician • San Diego, California
Playboy Manbaby • Phoenix, Arizona
Birdy Bardot • San Diego, California
Buckfast Superbee • Encinitas, California
Creepseed • San Diego, California
The Widows • San Diego, California
The Mission Creeps • Tucson, Arizona
The Strawberry Moons • San Diego, California
The Bassics • Imperial Beach, California
Stephen El Rey • Imperial Beach, California
Archons • San Diego, California
Campfire Cassettes • Los Angeles, California
Effects and lighting by Operation Mindblow • Ocean Beach, California
Tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets. Tickets are $47 for day entry and $57 for overnight camping. Free parking is provided. There are no additional costs at the event. In-Ko-Pah 4 takes place rain or shine.
All updates will be provided on this website as well as on Facebook.
AGE (21+):
All ticketed attendees must be 21+. Adolescents aged 13-20 are NOT permitted. No exceptions. Children 12 years old and younger are permitted free of charge and must be accompanied by a ticketed adult. Children should be attended by their parents at all times.
Gates open at 1:00 PM and entertainment will start at 2:30 PM. We ask everyone to arrive by 4:00 PM. In-Ko-Pah 4 ends on Sunday, June 4th, with all attendees leaving the site by 10:00 AM and parking lot by 11:00 AM.
This is an overnight experience. Bring a tent, sleeping bag, and spend the night! In-Ko-Pah 4 is a "Bring-Your-Own" event. There are few, if any, stores proximal to the site and no concessions at the event. Attendees should pack all of their provisions, including food and refreshments. The campsites are on compacted gravel. Most tents and sleeping bags will do the job and a three-season rating is efficient. It is recommended that tents have aluminum or metal poles (fiberglass poles can break). You may want to pack an extra blanket or two as the temperature may drop to 40 °F at night. There are plenty of campsites nestled between the rocks. Campsites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, make sure to arrive on time to reserve your favorite spot. Campfires will be provided at designated locations within the event and are not allowed in the backwoods areas. There are two permanent restrooms and additional portable facilities are provided. There are no showers available.
A limited number of car camping and RV sites are available. Tickets are available Brown Paper Tickets. Car camping is not allowed on the streets and areas proximal to the event.
Please contact the organizers via email to: if you would like to receive information about nearby hotels, motels, or RV parks.
In-Ko-Pah 4 will happen on the grounds of the Desert View Tower. It is an easy one-hour drive on the I-8 from San Diego. Carpooling is highly encouraged. The site is located in the high-mountain desert at 2,800+ feet. While beautiful, it can get hot during the daytime (average 85 °F) and out right cool at night (average low 45 °F). Sunset will occur at 7:53 PM and sunrise will be at 5:41 AM, so most attendees will miss the midday sun. That being said, you are encouraged to bring sunscreen, camping gear rated to 40-50 °F, and warm clothing for your late night adventures. Sleeping bags, flashlights and headlamps are key. Being high in the mountains, the site is prone to strong winds, so please come prepared. Attending an event such as In-Ko-Pah 4 requires a small, but vital level of maturity and common sense. We will be in the desert and the site is rural, so expect just that, rural beauty without the conditions of city life. Come prepared to relax and do some serious stargazing.
We are making an effort to keep this event as non-commercial as possible. Attendees should bring sufficient food and refreshments to support themselves and their friends for the duration of the event. Coolers are welcome. Water is a must and while water is available at the site, attendees should come prepared with ample quantities of drinking water. Like other outdoor events, we recommend that you bring items to share or trade with your fellow attendees. A communal grilling pit area will be available for all to use.
Carpooling is highly encouraged. Last year, many guests took Uber or Lyft to the event. Free parking has been provided for ticketed guests in a secure lot. Please park upon arrival. There is no street or drive up access to the site. If you need your vehicle please purchase a car camping or RV pass. A tour bus will run between the parking lot and event site. The bus will run from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM and is free. All cargo that you bring will need to be brought in on the bus or carried by foot. There will be no driving up to the event site.
Wristbands are required once you enter the In-Ko-Pah 4 site. Each attendee must wear his/her wristband securely at all times during the event. They are NON-TRANSFERABLE and NON-EXCHANGEABLE. In-Ko-Pah 4 staff has the right to revoke your wristband at any time. Attendees that are not wearing a wristband will be asked to leave. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.
In-Ko-Pah 4 is a fun, happy, and safe event. It is about mutual respect and sharing with all. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Fighting or provoking of any kind will not be accepted. This includes aggressive dancing and stage behavior. If you are prone to bad behavior, please stay at home. Do not expect us to take care of your over-doing it. In addition, climbing, while it may seem enticing, is not allowed. Attendees should not climb trees and must stay off the boulders at all times. If you behave poorly, we will have to ask you to leave.
• Weapons of any kind
• Fireworks or explosives of any kind
• Aerosol cans, spray paints, or paint of any kind
• Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or personal motorized vehicles
• Pets (with permission only - please email
• Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors or commerce
• Unauthorized solicitations, handbills, sampling, or give-aways
You can contact an actual human at We will respond as soon as possible.
Thanks everybody and see you at In-Ko-Pah 4, Saturday June 3rd, 2017!